Fashionably Frum

A modest fashion and lifestyle blog designed for real life and real women. We're all about fashion inspiration, thoughtful and fabulous living, intellectual discussions and providing a dash of fun and a dose of reality for the contemporary Jewish woman.

Avie Herman

I'm a Jewish woman who loves using my Hashem-given talents to bring more light into the world. I'm part of the Chabad community and hold by many Lubavitch minhagim. I believe labels usually serve more to divide than to unite and that everyone is on their own unique journey, so this site is dedicated every Jewish woman, wherever she is on her path.

I started Fashionably Frum on Tumblr when I was at Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts in 2013. I graduated from Stern College for Women in 2016 with a BA in English, concentrating on Creative Writing. My writing has appeared in the YU Observer and Hevria. In my senior year, my poetry won first place in the English Department Award for Creative Writing. 

I got married in 2014 and had my daughter in 2016. My family and I live in Toronto, right across the street from my parents. 

Articles on this site are a snapshot of who and where I am right now. I hope to never stop learning, evolving, and growing, so while I am passionate about and stand behind what I write, my views are always subject to change.   

Blog Categories

Home decor, recipes and more. Running a household is about so much more than housekeeping and grocery shopping. It's about filling a house with warmth, love, and G-dly light, to make it a true Jewish home. 

Motherhood is an intense undertaking, physically, emotionally and practically. I cover all that and more.

Outer Beauty 
This is the place for makeup, skincare, hair and sheitels, accessories, outfits and shoes. It's where you'll find product reviews, how-to's and tips to help your inner beauty shine through. 

Torah, Chassidus, holidays, Jewish womanhood. I find so much beauty in living a Torah lifestyle. I love finding new ways to beautify mitzvos and making them more meaningful. 

Style with Substance
Where inner beauty meets outer beauty. Looking good meets feeling good. What I wear meets why I wear it. 

The Bookworm
Book reviews, literary food for thought, what I've been reading. I have an English degree: I love to read, I love to write about it. Novels, poetry, memoirs, histories.

The Wife Life
I have many identities, and since getting married, Wife has been a big one. Join me as I reach milestones, fling spatulas across the living room, and pretend that two years of marital experience makes me an expert. Hilarity and delusions ensue. 

Womanhood, femininity, feminism. I write about, live and embrace it all. Thoughts on and adventures of being a woman, a girly-girl, a bas melech and a feminist.