Babywearing allows you to keep your little one close, while keeping your hands free and their weight comfortably distributed, so you can meet your entire family‚Äôs needs, including your own. Learn about the benefits of wearing your baby in our warm and relaxed classes, workshops and private consults, led by professional babywearing educator, Avie Herman. Gain confidence in your babywearing abilities and discover how to make using a baby carrier as safe, comfortable and functional as can be, for you, your baby and your whole family.

Avie using a ring sling with her toddler

Avie using a ring sling with her toddler

Our babywearing services are perfect for:

  • Expectant parents

  • New parents

  • Grandparents and other family members who help with childcare

  • Babysitters, nannies and childcare workers

  • Midwives, doulas and other birth workers

  • Baby store employees who want to be able to help their clients choose and use a baby carrier

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use baby carriers or is interested in learning more about babywearing


  • Warm and relaxed seminar-style classes provide information about all things babywearing and include explanations and demonstrations of all carrier types.

  • The perfect introduction to wearing your baby, ideal for those who are new to babywearing and those seeking to increase their babywearing knowledge.


  • Hands-on workshops teach you how to use a specific carrier style in several ways or how to use several carrier styles to meet a specific need.

  • A great way to enhance your skills and gain confidence in your techniques, ideal for those who have some familiarity with babywearing and who want hands-on learning and practice with the help of an expert. 

Private Consults

  • One-on-one consults are tailored to meet your individual needs. Learn about babywearing, try on several different carriers and receive guidance on which to buy, get help adjusting your carrier to be safe and comfortable, learn new techniques, and more!

  • Excellent for those new to babywearing who need personalized attention or those who want to add their their babywearing skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Something for Everyone

No matter which services you choose, you will walk out feeling informed and confident. You will be able to wear your baby comfortably and safely and be able to share your new knowledge with your friends, family or clients.