Back to School

Today is my first day of school and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I usually don't want summer to end because I had so many hypothetical plans for my break and it felt like none of them had been accomplished. I needed more time. 


This summer, by stark contrast, I did so much. I set goals, I accomplished them. I got outside more, I got myself 9 credits closer to graduating, I got past the one year mark of marriage -- and thank G-d for that, they were right, shana rishona is no joke. Also I developed a real website, a major accomplishment for me, if you hadn't noticed. 

Still, I feel like I accomplish so much more without a full schedule of classes. Also, starting school signals changing seasons. I love orange leaves crunching under my shoes, but the shorter days? Not so much. Less sunlight usually means less joy and productivity for me. I'm not ready for summer to end, I need more time.

But this summer was different, so maybe this year will be different too? After all, I've been in school for way long enough to have the hang of it and BH my marriage game is pretty strong these days, which feels like it bodes well for the future. Maybe this year will be a new start. And the new me says: Bring it!

Lipstick: Albeit in Pomelo | Necklace: Nordstrom Bp. | Top: Rainbow | Flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction