Little Miss Sunshine?

Gotta keep smiling

Gotta keep smiling

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not naturally a positive person. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that anyone had this impression of me until a girl from school told me she loves my posts because they’re like a burst of positivity on her Facebook newsfeed everyday. Really? *I’m* a positive influence on someone else’s day? 

But she’s right. From behind my keyboard, I do exude positivity. In my personal life, it’s easy to spew criticism or negative thoughts, I’m just a young woman trying to get through the day. But on my blog, I see myself as more than that. My commentary, Baruch Hashem, has a an audience. I’m not just one person talking to another person. I’m SOMEBODY. I recognize the power of words and the power of my words when they go out into the wide world of the web. I try my best to use this power responsibly and for good. I exude positivity and confidence and love, in hopes that someone, somewhere might see and be inspired.

And you know what? It’s made me a more positive person.

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