Pearl Collar Necklace Tutorial

Sometimes a simple string of pearls is all you need, but sometimes you want to take that classy look to the next level. Enter the Pearl Collar Necklace, something I created when none of my necklaces seemed just right. 


You will need:  

 A long string of pearls
A flower or bow hair clip
A tiny hair elastic


Step 1: 

Put on the pearl necklace.  



Step 2:  

Wrap the hair elastic around the necklace, the same was you would if making a ponytail. I double wrapped mine, so that the two sides of the necklace stayed close together. I put the elastic about an inch and a half or two inches below my collar bone, but once you see how it looks in step three you may want to go back and make it higher or lower.


Step 3:  

Take the long part of the necklace, that hangs below the elastic and pull it over your head, as if you were doubling the necklace. Adjust is so that the two sides are about even.  


Step 4: 

Clip the hair clip onto the hair elastic, so that the clip part is resting vertically between the two sides of the necklaces. That's it! It takes all of 3 minutes (or less!) to take a simple strand of pearls all the way to the next level!

Shana Tova!