What's Cooking: Shabbos Menu

We have a running joke that my mom doesn't need to bother making a main course on Friday night: everyone's full after her delicious gefilte fish, dips and chicken soup. But every week, without fail, she makes a full meal that has us all licking our plates and our guests begging for recipes. 

The first Shabbos I made with my husband after we got married, I went all out even though it was just the two of us. I probably didn't actually make that much but it felt like I did, because a) it was my first time cooking shabbos and b) we didn't make it past the soup course. 

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What's Cooking: Hearty Vegetable Soup Recipe

My husband and I both love soup, it's one of those mutual interests we have that make living together so much easier and more enjoyable. I found this recipe last summer, when I was still very newlywed and just getting used to making dinner every night. Years of watching my mom cook from my perch at the kitchen table had taught me that cooking's more fun when you stray from the recipe and this soup was my gateway to freestyling in the kitchen.

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