Modest Monday: The Modest Problem

This week's piece is published in my school's paper, The YU Observer. Read a sneak peak below and then check it out the full piece!

In the wrong hands, the beautiful laws of modest attire become a means of objectification by placing an inappropriate emphasis on the female body and narrowing our valuation and evaluation of Jewish women to the dimensions of our skirts, our tights (or lack thereof) and the lengths of our sheitels. But can the dimensions of my skirt encompass the dimensions of my soul? That's not my modesty. I refuse to think that's what God meant by this mitzvah.
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Modest Monday: Is Modest Hottest?

If you spend any time on the modest fashion side of the internet, you're sure to come across the term "Modest is Hottest". It rhymes, it's cute, it seems like a harmless way of promoting modest fashion and assigning it value. Maybe it isn't harmful, but is it helpful?

I've never liked the term. I know the point is to draw some positive attention to modest fashion, but even beyond its irreverence, it seems inconsistent with modesty. Is hotness the point of modesty? Me thinks not. Modesty should not mean dressing badly. It should not mean looking frumpy. It most certainly should not mean making oneself less attractive. But it also shouldn't be about hotness.

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Rosh Hashana Looks

I had four goals for this year's Rosh Hashana looks: 1. Create four unique outfits 2. Mix and match as much as possible to fascilitate packing light. 3. Get one last wear out of my pretty summer dresses. 4. Work around the fact that clothes were limited because I didn't have time to do laundry last week.

I took these goals as challenges and turned my limitations into opportunities for creativity. Even thought I ended up using almost the same accessories throughout and stuck with mostly the same color palette, I still ended up with four unique looks.

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Trying Tuesday

I’m a fan of transparency, no smoke and mirrors, no pretending. I like to tell it how it is. Do I try to get the most flattering shot and adjust the lighting and pick looks and strike poses that make me look my best? Absolutely. Do I try to focus on the good and avoid using the captions on this blog to vent my frustrations? Of course. But I also like to use this space for good and to provide inspiration, both aesthetic and spiritual, and to do that I have to be honest that life isn’t always rosy. Some days it’s hard to be and feel productive, some days I’m not in the mood to get dressed, and you know what? I don’t always like my body. There, I said it.

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