The 3 Best Diaper Bags for Babywearing

I often bring both a stroller and a baby carrier when I go out with my kids. I like having options and I like to put my diaper bag, drink, coat and anything else I have with me in the stroller. That way, even if I end up wearing the baby, I'm not carrying additional things in my arms.

Sometimes, though, it's more convenient to go out without the stroller. Especially for quick errands or walks to the park, I like to just pop baby in a carrier and go. But no matter where you're going, babies always come with baggage.

Standard diaper bags are great for when you don't plan on walking around or for attaching to your stroller, but they're not comfortable or practical to shlep around while babywearing.

Luckily for you, I've rounded up three of the best diaper bag alternatives for babywearing!

Read on to find the one for you!

Backpack Diaper Bag

A backpack is a great option for a diaper bag for when you wear your baby in a carrier on the front of your body. They allow you bring along everything you might possibly need handy, while remaining hands-free.

If you want a bag that's designed to be a diaper bag, Skip Hop has several diaper backpacks that have all bells and whistles of their standard diaper bags. They come loaded with a coordinating changing pad, plenty of pockets and insulated pouches. I like them because they’re lightweight, roomy and stylish.

Any regular backpack with work just as well, so you can find something more in-tune with your personal style. Most bags with a laptop pocket will fit a changing pad perfectly. I’ve used both a diaper bag backpack and an inexpensive backpack from Target and I’m equally happy with both options.

If you find that the shoulder straps on a backpack are too bulky over your baby carrier shoulder straps, the Integra Infinity backpack is a perfect fit. It’s designed with narrower, thinner straps, to comfortably be worn with any baby carrier.

Hip sack

If you plan on walking a lot while using a baby carrier, a hip sack is your best best. Most have enough room for a few diapers, a plastic bag of wipes, your phone, keys, a small wallet and a soother if you use one. A hip sack won't necessarily hold enough to get you through a whole day, but it lets you bring just the essentials, so you don't need to shlep around anything extra. Plus, you can easily wear your baby in a front, hip or back carry while using a hip sack and you'll be completely hands-free.

I really like this one from Roots. It's sleek, roomy and will last you all the way through your babywearing days and beyond.

Diaper clutch

A diaper clutch is another excellent and versatile choice. With my second baby, I’ve been using one as my primary diaper bag. I load it up with diapers, a bag of wipes, my phone, keys and a small wallet and then either use it on its own or throw it into a large purse if I need anything else with me.

I use the Skip Hop Pronto, which comes in several fun and classy prints. It includes a roll-out, detachable changing pad and three roomy pockets. It also has a small strap that you can put around your wrist when you wear your baby, or that you can attach to your stroller handle. Either way, you're completely hands-free and you can carry all the essentials when you run errands with your baby.

What kind of diaper bag do you use when you wear your baby?